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Materials for Energy Group

Adapting current energy systems to reduce fossil fuel dependence and minimize impacts on climate, environment, and health is the grand challenge we face today.  New materials are of crucial importance for meeting this goal.  Materials are central to every energy technology, and advances in materials science can help raise energy efficiencies and resolve emissions problems.

Some Harvard faculty who work in materials science and energy technology have formed a new Materials for Energy Group.  As materials research engages physicists, materials scientists, environmental scientists, and chemists, the group is multi-disciplinary.  Its aim is to raise the visibility and the long-run vitality of materials research with energy applications at Harvard.

Materials for Energy Group Faculty members:
Joanna Aizenberg
Jim Anderson
Alán Aspuru-Guzik
Michael J. Aziz
Katia Bertoldi
Theodore Betley
Michael P. Brenner
Federico Capasso
George M. Church
David R. Clarke
Adam Cohen
Cynthia Friend
Peter Girguis
Jene Golovchenko
Roy Gordon
Lene Hau
Jenny Hoffman
Noel Michele Holbrook
Evelyn Hu
Eric Jacobsen
Efthimios Kaxiras
Charles Lieber
L. Mahadevan
Scot Martin
Eric Mazur
Michael B. McElroy
Cherry Murray
Venkatesh Narayanamurti
Hongkun Park
Pamela Silver
Zhigang Suo
Joost Vlassak
David Weitz
Bob Westervelt
George Whitesides