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Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment: Application for Fall 2014

Applications for Fall 2014 Admission are due on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 by 5:00 p.m.

Interested in joining the Consortium? If you meet all of the following criteria, we encourage you to complete the application below:

  • I am actively enrolled as a Harvard University doctoral student (Ph.D. or Sc.D)
  • I have completed the first year of my doctoral program requirements prior to entering the Consortium
  • I have the explicit support of my academic advisor
  • I can demonstrate a relationship between my professional interests / research and the science and policy surrounding energy and environmental issues
  • I have a desire to actively engage with, and learn from, faculty and other students across a variety of disciplines at Harvard

We require confirmation from your advisor that s/he approves your participation in the Consortium and the time commitment this involves. Your application is not complete until we receive an email from your advisor indicating his or her approval of your application. Please ask your advisor to send a brief (2-3 sentence) email message to, stating his or her support for your application.

Proposed Course of Study

Consortium students must take three courses: Energy Consequences, Energy Technology, and Energy Policy. Please indicate your proposed course of study below.


Students accepted into the Consortium will be eligible to apply for graduate research fellowship support provided by the Harvard University Center for the Environment. Research fellowship recipients may be called upon to work as teaching fellows for an undergraduate course related to energy during their time in the Consortium, and will be compensated for their time spent teaching by the department sponsoring the course. Applicants who are available to serve as teaching fellows will be given admission priority.

Academic Background

The Consortium encourages applications from students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and disciplinary interests. While it is not expected that students will be exceptionally well-versed in all subject areas, successful completion of the required courses does demand a certain level of prior academic knowledge. To help us gauge your experience in several areas of study related to the Consortium, please indicate the number of college-level semesters you have taken in each subject area:


Please submit the following items with this application:

The personal statement should be no more than 500 words describing your interest in, and qualifications for, the program and how it relates to your graduate work.