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Graduate Consortium on Energy & Environment

This community of doctoral students explores the broad, interconnected issues of energy and environment.

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Caring About Climate—Close to Home

Harvard faculty members Stephen Ansolabehere, Dustin Tingley, and Joseph Aldy poll the public to gauge energy perceptions.

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Social Action & Climate Change

Harvard activists and scholars debate the role of social movements in confronting climate issues.

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Naomi Oreskes
Faculty associate Naomi Oreskes comments on divestment
04/17/2014 - 12:29pm
Drew Faust
President Drew Faust issues challenge to help find environmental solutions
04/09/2014 - 1:32pm
Matthias Schuler
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Climate, Energy
Jerold S. Kayden
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Harvard Kennedy School
Business/Public Policy, Energy

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The Harvard Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment is fostering a new community of doctoral students who will be well versed in the broad, interconnected issues of energy and environment while maintaining their focus in their primary discipline. Through debate and dialogue in coursework and seminars, students will be able to identify the obstacles, highlight the opportunities, and define the discussion of an energy strategy for the 21st century and beyond. Learn more.

Business/Public Policy
This lecture course introduces students to energy and environmental issues, particularly those that...
Without the heat, light, and mobility provided by suppliers of energy, firms, governments, and...
An introduction to the role of technology in environmental sciences with an emphasis on solving...