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Graduate Consortium on Energy & Environment

This community of doctoral students explores the broad, interconnected issues of energy and environment.

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Solar's Place in our Energy Future

Harvard faculty scrutinize the current and future prospects of solar energy.

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Materials for Energy

Harvard researchers work across disciplines to develop sustainable energy science technologies to ultimately address global climate challenges and reduce energy costs.

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2016-17 Environmental Course Guide

Searching for courses that are energy or environmentally related? Check out the newly updated Environmental Course Guide.

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HUCE faculty associate Ali Malkawi explains project designed to maximize efficiency, savings
06/13/2017 - 3:06pm
L. Mahadevan
Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Harvard Medical School
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Climate, Ecology/Biodiversity, Energy
Elsie Sunderland
Harvard School of Public Health
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Human Health, Energy, Environment & Global Health

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The Harvard Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment is fostering a new community of doctoral students who will be well versed in the broad, interconnected issues of energy and environment while maintaining their focus in their primary discipline. Through debate and dialogue in coursework and seminars, students will be able to identify the obstacles, highlight the opportunities, and define the discussion of an energy strategy for the 21st century and beyond. Learn more.

The course provides an historical account of the evolution of the modern energy system, from early...
Business/Public Policy
This course evaluates the political and economic determinants of oil and mineral resource policies...
Business/Public Policy
This course integrates traditional U.S. energy law with U.S. climate law. Topics covered include:...